Communist Democracy:  The Progressive Movement

Written by Anthony Campos (2/13/10)  The so-called "progressive movement" is misunderstood by most Americans.  In brief fashion, let us get it clear right now.  The words socialism and Marxist are being thrown around loosely in the media which adds to the confusion.  People tend to associate these words with Russia or Red China which is a mistake.  In other words, the American people or any free people are making a grave error if they believe that the pure form of communism is like that of Red China or Cuba. First of all, the United States is a republic by definition of the Founding Fathers.  In the Constitution of the U.S. in Article IV, section 4, it says, "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government,........."  It does not say democratic.  I am sure that the progressives would love to get that off the Constitution.  Are you going to let that happen? In the original pledge of allegiance, it says, "I pledge allegiance to my flag, and the republic for which it stands."  It says republic.  It does not say democracy.  The progressives have already succeeded in stopping the pledge of allegiance in schools.  Do you see what is the plan of action of the far-left (progressives)?  The people of the far-left represent a communist democracy.  Before you should criticize what I just stated, you should consider exactly what a progressive believes. While the Republicans call this a republic, the democrats like to call it a democracy.  However, let me caution you on something here.  It is my opinion that calling ourselves a republic is more solid than calling ourselves a democracy.  A republic is centered on capitalism while a democracy may actually be centered on total government control of business based on the consent of vote by each population group known as a state.  An electoral vote could give power and control to a particular faction.  However, for this to happen in the U.S., the progressives would have to make changes to the Constitution to pave the way.  The progressives would also have to gain control of the membership of the Supreme Court.  Yes, this is my educational opinion based on all my years of schooling, and I will face off with anyone on this point.  My education did not turn me into a robot.  My teachers in high school and in college made me analyze, think and then justify all that I wrote on all those school papers.  I am confident of what I am saying here.  I will give no mercy to any progressive deviant that tries to change what our Founding Fathers set forth.  It is stupid for us to change something that works into something that has proven not to work. Communist democracy is the pure form of Marxism which says that people can vote for leadership and then it is the leadership that does what is best for the masses.  Doesn't that remind you of Pelosi and Obama?  If it does not, then you must be either naive or dumb or both, or if you are a liberal, then you are in denial. A communist democracy is operated by centralized authority where the government controls the economy and business with centralized regulation.  This is the progressive movement.  You have already seen examples of this with Obama and Pelosi.  Let there be no doubt about it.  The progressive will say that this pure form of communism allows for freedom of speech and the right to vote.   The progressive actually believes that this can exist in pure form without infringing on the democratic rights of the people.  Of course, the progressive does not consider that human nature becomes part of the formula.  The progressive will contend that the communism of the Soviet Union and China is not what Karl Marx had envisioned.  The problem as I see it is that the progressives actually believe that the control authority can operate without the abuses that occurred in Russia and China.  At this point, I say that it is naive to believe that a communist democracy can exist in its purest form.  I further believe that it is naive to believe that a pure form of communism can lead a nation to be great.   The Soviet Union crumbled.  China will also crumble unless it is reinforced by a progressive United States. Let us be clear about the progressive movement.  These people do believe that the United States should be equalized with other nations based on a distribution of wealth.  This is a most dangerous mental disorder.  It means that the United States should give up power so that other nations may elevate in power for there to be equalization.  This is what George Soros stands for and that is why he supported Obama.  I am sorry to say that I believe President Obama is leaning in this direction by his own actions and speech.  There is a major problem with the progressive utopia.  The problem is that of human nature.  On paper the ideal world of the Communist Manifesto is possible.  In reality, it is not very probable.  Power of control breeds arrogance where the end will always justify the means.  There will always be deviance to the cause which will justify executions and the need for concentration camps.  In the end, the perfect state becomes death itself. The progressive or pure communist will believe that the government should take full care of us which would lead to stabilization and less expense in the end.  The progressive will believe that distribution of wealth will also lead to stabilization by draining wealth into the government treasury where it will be allotted to the population.  Reward for achievement would have to come by way of recognition instead of money.  In other words, there would be a social ranking system.  The incentive would be title and power.  Thus, capitalism would no longer be the incentive for crativeness and innovation. An example of the progressive movement has been the way that the U.S. health care bill has been initiated.  The progressive individuals, Obama and Pelosi, decided that they knew what was best for the people.  Then, they used their majority power in the House and Senate to pass the bill without debate.  If you believe that the method used was correct, then you are a progressive. Another example of the progressive movement is to destroy all that is traditional.  That is what change is all about.  The phrase, "In God We Trust" is a target for destruction by the progressive movement.  Anything that is spiritual must be destroyed and replaced by what the progressive interprets as the reality of the state.  There can only be allegiance to the state. I also believe that the study of history in the public school system will be revised under the progressive movement.  Teachers will be used as pawns to foster the idea that the Founding Fathers are really no longer relevant.  In other words, the inspiration of our initial American Revolution is not to be considered more important than the new Progressive Revolution. I do believe that many Democrats in Congress realize what is occurring and want their traditional party back away from Howard Dean who is indeed a radical.  I also believe that many Democrats in congress do not even realize the truth about the heading they are taking by supporting the far-left members. It now becomes up to us, the people, to do what is right for our nation.  It becomes important for us to vote for Republicans, Democrats or Independents that stand for the values of the majority.  We must defend the present Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  We must all be observant and aware of the methods that are used by a dangerous minority geared to imprison the minds of the majority.  You may not be able to see the forest for the trees in front of you. You decide what you want to be or support.  The important thing here is that the American people should know exactly what the progressive movement entails before they vote.  Even more important, the American people should know what is the objective of the progressive movement. Americans do not seem to realize the danger that they are in, because they do not realize the true definition of the progressive movement.  I will now give you a source of the progressive belief so that you can judge for yourself. The progressive movement which is really the neocommunist movement in disguise should not be confused with the Soviet or Chinese system.  This is what makes this movement so dangerous for all of us that value the traditions of American freedom.  The progressive population will always portray that their movement is that of democratic freedom in order to take fear out of the equation.  Then, the progressive will portray that their movement represents social security of the highest order in order to attract those who are emotional over financial insecurities.  The progressive solution is to have a world order where central governments direct our lives.  On paper, it all sounds like the secure way to go.  The problem is that the human nature of those in control will never allow the system to work as portrayed.  The people that are sucked into the belief that utopia is possible will never conform in the end.  Those that gain power through democratic elections will eventually change the rules of the game to suit themselves.  However, the progressive movement can win if they make you believe that change is needed.  The so-called change is really evil in disguise.  It will happen slowly at first.  It will come with the reshaping of the minds of the new generations in the public school system.  Traditional values will be discarded in the school texts.  Then, on every economic problem that we may encounter, more reasons will arise for a change leading to further government control.  It may even come to the point where the havoc will be contrived.  In the end, it will all boil down to the idea that people will be willing to give up certain traditional rights in order to receive protection.  The protection will be health care and a socialized job career. Perhaps, there should be three main parties:  Republican, Democrat and Progressive.  There really are three main factions in this country right now.  The Independent Party designation would be suitable for those of either party who simply want to be free-thinkers on any particular issue.  (Anthony Campos)